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null Work for the benefit of children and families – the Adoption Board’s Report on operations has been published

Work for the benefit of children and families – the Adoption Board’s Report on operations has been published

15.3.2017 13:02 / updated 26.4.2017 17:34 / News

The Finnish Adoption Board’s Report of operations has been published. The Report deals mainly with 2016, but raises the main events from other years of operations during the Board’s five-year term of office starting in 2012. The term of office of the current Adoption Board ends on 30 June 2017.

With the permission of the Finnish Adoption Board, a total of over 500 children from abroad have been adopted in Finland during the Board’s term of office. The number of children adopted from abroad dropped significantly in 2015–2016. In 2016, just 58 children arrived in Finland via international adoption service providers, compared with 308 children in 2005. During the 2000s, international adoptions have declined everywhere in the world. In her blog, Merja Vuori, who is chairman of the Adoption Board, reflects on the reasons for the declining number of adoptions.

During its term of office, the Finnish Adoption Board has addressed cooperation with different stakeholders, with forms of collaboration becoming established between the Board and international adoption service providers. The Adoption Board has also deepened its role as the central authority by visiting Finland’s adoption partner countries. Cooperation between the central adoption authorities in the Nordic countries works well. The adoption system in Finland is reliable and all parties involved work for the benefit of children and families.

The Finnish Adoption Board operates under Valvira, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, as a special expert, permit and supervisory authority in adoption matters. The Board grants adoption permits for domestic and transnational adoption, as well as operating licences to international adoption service providers and supervises their operations.

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For more information, please contact:

Merja Vuori, Chairman of the Adoption Board
tel. +358 29 5209 623


26.4.2017 updated the link to the Finnish Adoption Board's Annual Report 2016 (in English)