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null Valvira’s national social and healthcare supervisory plan for 2017 updated – even greater emphasis placed on self-monitoring

Valvira’s national social and healthcare supervisory plan for 2017 updated – even greater emphasis placed on self-monitoring

20.12.2016 07:40 / News

Valvira’s social and healthcare national supervisory plan for the years 2016–2019 has been updated for 2017. The changes focus particularly on Part II, which sets out the planned supervision activities for 2017. Part I of the plan has also been abbreviated.

- Each year, the supervisory authorities carry out a risk assessment to determine the appropriate planned supervisory activities, Hanna Toiviainen, Planning Manager explains.

- Supervision is targeted at areas, where the risks to clients and patients are deemed to be the greatest.

The areas of focus for 2017 are:

  1. Out-of-hours services
  2. Homecare services for the elderly 
  3. Access to elective treatment and maximum waiting times for accessing child protection services and supplementary and preventative income support
  4. Residential rehabilitation care for mental health and substance misuse patients
  5. Safeguarding the right to self-determination for people with disabilities

Supporting self-monitoring and ensuring that self-monitoring is carried out by service providers will be the theme underpinning all supervisory activities.

- In 2017, the supervisory authorities will act to enhance the role of self-monitoring as part of an open and client and patient-centred culture, Toiviainen says.

- Self-monitoring is set to feature as part of all supervisory and assessment visits carried out by Valvira in 2017. We also plan to run a programme of regional events to support self-monitoring activity. Our supervisory culture will be based on a client-centred approach that focuses on supervising service provision both as a whole and in terms of outcomes.

The national social and healthcare supervision plan for 2016–2019 sets out the key strategic priorities and areas of focus for Valvira and the Regional State Administrative Agencies for the duration of the current parliamentary term. The supervisory plan is based on the key objectives set out in the government’s programme. During the supervisory plan period, supervision will be carried out under three areas; service structures and medical and nursing care chains, access to services and service content and quality. A key aim is to offer support to the medical and nursing care chains as they undergo a horizontal and vertical integration process.

We are committed to proactively communicating the implementation of our supervisory plan. You can follow our progress on Twitter (#sotevalo17) and on the Valvira and the Regional State Administrative Agencies’ websites.

Sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon valtakunnallinen valvontaohjelma (pdf) (available in Finnish and Swedish)


For further information, please contact:

Hanna Toiviainen, Group Leader, Planning Manager (supervisory plan)
tel: +358 (0)295 209 619

Markus Henriksson, Group Leader, Medical Counsellor (out-of-hours care, waiting times)
tel: +358 (0)295 209 401

Eine Heikkinen, Group Leader, Counsellor of Social Welfare (out-of-hours social services, maximum waiting times for child protection and income support, homecare for the elderly, residential rehabilitation services for mental health and substance misuse patients, self-determination for people with disabilities)
tel: +358 (0)295 209 323