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null Valvira has updated its strategy

Valvira has updated its strategy

11.2.2020 09:40 / News

Valvira has published its strategy for 2020–2024. This time, we have reviewed our strategic choices from the aspect of licencing and supervision operations across the entire social welfare and healthcare sector.

“We want our strategy to highlight the overall effectiveness of licencing and supervision operations in the social welfare and healthcare sector,” says Director General Markus Henriksson.

“Intense cooperation with regional state administrative authorities and our other stakeholders is a requirement for success.”

Effective supervision ensures responsible operations

Valvira’s basic mission is the national oversight for ensuring that everyone in Finland has the right to wellbeing, high-quality services and safe living conditions. We also renewed our vision in conjunction with updating the strategy.

“Our new vision is effective oversight – responsible actors”, Henriksson says. “By this, we want to emphasise the precedence of self-monitoring by actors. The supervisory authorities support and ensure – and where necessary with serious enforcement sanctions – that actors carry out their own responsibility work.”

Valvira’s new strategy rests on three strategic focuses. The first focus, We increase safety in the customer, patient and living environment by ensuring responsible operations, like our new vision, highlights the importance of self-monitoring.

“The supervisory authorities must support and ensure the self-monitoring of actors and allocate their resources to effective supervision,” Henriksson begins. ”Prediction is important: we strive to intervene in matters threating the customer, patient and living environment before the risks materialise.”  

The second strategic focus is to safeguard national equality. The importance of this task is highlighted in a situation where Valvira and the six independent regional state administrative authorities continue to operate: it is important to ensure that the licencing and supervision activities of the authorities – Valvira, the regional state administrative authorities and the municipalities – is consistent and constant.

The third strategic focus, our operations are based on up-to-date and reliable information, highlights the importance of high-quality, shared information.

“It is necessary to further develop the quality, timeliness and scope of the database in the social welfare and healthcare sector, Henriksson says. “We also want to provide high-quality information for others to use and, the renewal of the alcohol trade register, Allu, for example, opens up the database as open data for wider use by other actors than earlier.”

Reaching the objectives requires investment in personnel, digitalisation, cooperation and communications

In addition to strategic focuses, Valvira has identified four so-called enablers, which essentially affect achievement of the strategic objectives. The enablers chosen are customer-driven digitalisation, interaction and cooperation, open and effective communication, and competent and satisfied personnel.

“We want to offer our customers comprehensive digitalised services and to find new ways to serve them,” Henriksson says. “We seek solutions together with our stakeholders.”

Communications are also becoming increasingly important in the work of the authorities: effective supervision also requires effective communication.

“We will involve our experts more closely than earlier in communications work and also highlight successes and best practices,” says Henriksson.

“All our operations are based on a competent and satisfied personnel. We invest in coaching management and continuous learning.”

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Valvira’s strategy 2020–2024

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