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null Valvira has published its Annual Review 2017 – promotion of self-monitoring continues

Valvira has published its Annual Review 2017 – promotion of self-monitoring continues

12.3.2018 13:46 / Press Release

The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) has published its Annual Review 2017. During the year, Valvira resolved more than 1,000 healthcare supervision matters, provided 158 Board decisions concerning the professional practice rights of healthcare and social welfare professionals, made nearly 22,000 favourable decisions concerning the right to practice as a healthcare professional, and added data on more than 37,000 social welfare professionals to the new Suosikki register. Valvira received and processed more than 3,600 incident report notifications in respect of medical devices, granted 73 new licences to provide private social and healthcare services, and resolved more than 100 social welfare supervision cases. Moreover, Valvira experts granted more than 200 new alcohol licences, carried out inspections of 146 alcohol licence holders, dealt with 71 cases concerning tobacco advertising and 153 cases involving the advertising of alcohol, and made 189 adoption decisions.

“Valvira’s effectiveness and productivity remained good despite the challenging circumstances,” says Director General Markus Henriksson.

“Valvira’s workload continued to grow. We were kept busy by several legislative reforms, such as the entry into force of EU regulations on medical devices and the preparation of the comprehensive reform of alcohol legislation. Licensing was also busy: we registered far more social welfare professionals than we anticipated, and 40% more social welfare and healthcare service providers than in the previous year. The implementation project for the new National Supervisory Authority LUOVA has tied down a lot of our resources.”

Valvira augmented its strategy with the publication of a service promise, under which Valvira undertakes to extend the scope of its electronic services to facilitate access to its services, pursue development work based on customer needs, and prioritise issues that represent the most serious threat to the safety of patients, customers and the living environment.

“Valvira only takes matters under investigation after careful consideration and on the basis of a client/patient risk assessment. A significant percentage of all matters arising can most effectively be dealt with through self-monitoring at operating units. We have invested heavily in providing guidance for social welfare and healthcare units with regard to self-monitoring.”

Promoting and ensuring self-monitoring is a mainstreamed theme in all of Valvira’s licencing and supervisory activities, in reactive and plan-based monitoring and in guidance and steering provided in licencing and supervisory matters.

During the year under review, Valvira extended its electronic services to include transactions with private social welfare and healthcare service providers.

“We also launched a register project that is of key importance to the upcoming health and social services reform: the new Soteri register is to include data on both private and public operators in the health and social services sector. This database will also be important for the freedom of choice of clients.”

Read more: Valvira Annual Review 2017 (in Finnish) (pdf)

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