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null Valvira has published its Annual Review 2016 – proactive approach further strengthened

Valvira has published its Annual Review 2016 – proactive approach further strengthened

1.3.2017 12:40 / Press Release

The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) has published its Annual Review 2016. During the year, Valvira, among other things, resolved almost 1,200 healthcare supervision matters, provided 184 Board decisions concerning the professional practice rights of healthcare and social welfare professionals, made almost 20,000 favourable decisions concerning the right to practice as a healthcare professional and added data on more than 2,700 social welfare professionals to the new Suosikki register. Valvira received more than 3,800 incident report notifications in respect of medical devices, granted 515 new licences to provide private social and healthcare services and resolved almost 100 social welfare supervision cases. Besides this, Valvira’s experts granted more than 200 new alcohol licences, carried out inspections of more than 120 alcohol licence holders, dealt with 60 cases concerning tobacco advertising, 170 cases involving the advertising of alcohol and made more than 200 adoption decisions. These are just some of the highlights at Valvira in 2016.

“Valvira’s efficiency and productivity continued to be at a good level despite dwindling resources,” said Director General Marja-Liisa Partanen.

“We have again been successful in strongly promoting customer and patient safety and in developing supervisory activities. We have been proactive and responded promptly to faint signals, as, for example, in our report on abuse of the elderly. We have also successfully taken aboard new statutory responsibilities such as the licensing, protected occupational title and supervision of social welfare professionals, as well as greater responsibilities in the supervision of tobacco products, despite the increasing rate at which supervision cases have been instigated.”

In 2016, we continued to pay particular attention to developing and supporting the self-monitoring of operating units and municipalities, interactive supervision methods, including guidance and assessment visits, and regional events.

“Guidance and assessment visits have been very well received in the field,” Partanen said.

“All in all, pro-action, such as contact with various stakeholders, has increased in supervision: besides guidance and assessment visits, we have, among other things, worked with hospital districts to find solutions to where waiting times have been exceeded under the treatment time guarantee. Also, guidance and consultation in the supervision of alcohol licence holders, for example, has become even more important with the growing number of operators.”

During the year under review, Valvira continued to make further active progress with digitalisation and e-administration: the renewed central register of healthcare professionals, the central register of social welfare professionals and the e-transaction service for social welfare professionals were introduced. Data in the alcohol licence register was made available as open data for the use of different actors in the community.

Valvira also continued work started in August 2015 to remove unnecessary norms: by the end of the review year, almost 30 instructions, statements and guidelines had been removed without compromising patient and customer safety.

During the year under review, Valvira also prepared for implementation of the social and healthcare reform and regional government reform. These reforms are currently underway and will reshape the entire service system, including supervision.

“It is important to bring clarity to supervision as a whole,” said Partanen.

“One social and healthcare authority with national competence is needed to best ensure equality between citizens and service providers.”

Valvira is well prepared for the ensuing changes: besides developing our own activities and supervisory methods, the year under review also saw us, among other things, improve cooperation with regional state administrative agencies.

“It is obvious that change eats into the supervisory authority’s resources. On top of this, we must continue to develop the ways were work on the one hand, while taking care of our statutory duties on the other. However, we can’t afford to idle in the transition stage: we must be ready to act when the new, ambitious entire social and healthcare system is rolled out at the start of 2019.”

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Valvira’s Annual Review 2016 (pdf) (in Finnish)

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