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null Serving of alcoholic beverages on licensed premises

Serving of alcoholic beverages on licensed premises

17.5.2018 16:10

Guidelines 20/2018

Serving of alcoholic beverages on licensed premises (pdf)

These guidelines discuss, as the name states, the essential issues involved in serving alcoholic beverages on licensed premises, and introduce the legislation and other guidelines concerning it. The guidelines are meant for licence appli-cants, licence holders, staff, students as well as others interested in the subject.

According to Section 60 of the Alcohol Act, it is Valvira’s task as a central authority to guide, harmonise and develop licence control and supervision of the Regional State Administrative Agencies, to provide information, statistical and communications services for the alcohol administration, and to supervise the retail trade, serving, advertising and sales promotion of alcoholic beverages in the whole country as well as on vessels under Finnish nationality.

The overall aim of these guidelines is to improve the implementation of the general aims of the Alcohol Act. These guidelines replace the Valvira guidelines on serving of alcoholic beverages on licensed premises 4/2018.

Drafted in cooperation with the Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa and Regional State Administrative Agencies, these guidelines contain the provisions on the serving of alcoholic beverages. The guidelines have been updated during spring 2018 to incorporate the content of Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and Government decrees and on the basis of practical experience.

The Province of Åland may, under the Provincial Administration Act, enact exceptions to certain provisions, and therefore these guidelines are not fully applicable in Åland.

More information on serving of alcoholic beverages and guidelines on the topic are available on the websites of Valvira (www.valvira.fi) and the Regional State Administrative Agencies (www.avi.fi).

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