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null Markus Henriksson takes up his position as Director General of Valvira

Markus Henriksson takes up his position as Director General of Valvira

2.5.2017 09:38 / Press Release

Docent Markus Henriksson, specialist in psychiatry, took up his position as Director General of Valvira, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, on 1 May 2017. The position is for a fixed-term until 31 December 2018. Starting from 1 January 2019, Valvira’s duties will be assigned to a new multi-sectoral national supervisory authority to be established as part of health, social services and regional government reform.

“With social welfare, healthcare and regional government reform, we are living in an historical time of change,” notes Markus Henriksson.

“It is a great honour to have the chance to create new guidelines in welfare and healthcare supervision together with environmental health, alcohol administration and welfare and healthcare professionals from Valvira and regional state administrative agencies. These professionals have a wealth of the top-tier expertise required in this time of change.”

The social welfare, healthcare and regional government reform and preparations for the related new national supervisory authority will add to the challenges of 2017 and 2018, also from Valvira’s perspective.

“We are now focusing on preparations for the new authority and on the continuous development of supervision, whilst also carrying out our important everyday statutory work,” Henriksson says.

“In 2019, the social welfare and healthcare sector situation will look very different from what it does today. For example, the relevance of organising the supervision of services will be further highlighted in the new situation, as will the self-monitoring of social welfare and healthcare operating units which we at Valvira have focused significantly on ensuring in recent years. Self-monitoring methods, such as the self-monitoring of services taken to the home, still require further development.”

Retaining expertise must be ensured during change

Henriksson (b. 1958) worked for Valvira’s predecessor, the National Board of Medicolegal Affairs, as chief medical officer in 2007-2010. Since 2010, he has headed the Healthcare Supervision Unit at Valvira.

“Supervision work provides a very real view of the social welfare and healthcare field and the associated challenges,” Henriksson notes.

“I believe this experience will also prove useful when considering the service concepts and operating models of the new supervisory authority,” he adds.

Henriksson is no newcomer to challenging change situations. He served as chief psychiatrist at the Central Military Hospital (1995–2005) and as the hospital’s medical director (2003–2005). He was director of the Centre for Military Medicine (2006) and at the time was responsible for patient security at the Central Military Hospital, which was closed down, and for the start-up of the new organisation, the Centre for Military Medicine, which has offices around Finland. He has earlier been a researcher in, for example, a national project to prevent suicide and in recent years especially in specialist duties in preparedness.

“We must ensure we retain expertise in and further develop licensing and supervision activities in this situation of change,” Henriksson outlines.

But will Valvira change course?

"Our course has already been set out in Valvira’s strategic update 2016. We now need to keep to the objectives outlined in the strategy: an ability to respond quickly, renewed operations and strengthened pro-active supervision and guidance."

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