What is Valvira

Valvira is the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health and a centralised body operating under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Our statutory purpose is to supervise and provide guidance to healthcare and social services providers, alcohol administration authorities and environmental health bodies and to manage related licensing activities.

Our most important task is to protect the right of all Finnish residents to a living environment that promotes their health and welfare and to assure their access to social and healthcare services that are both safe and adequate.

Fields of responsibility


  • Social care
  • Healthcare
  • Alcohol administration
  • Environmental health, including tobacco

Our authority and responsibilities within these areas are defined by a range of legislation, orders, recommendations and guidance.

Relevant primary legislation:

  • Alcohol Act
  • Tobacco Act
  • Gene Technology Act
  • Health Protection Act
  • Food Act
  • Primary Healthcare Act
  • Act of Specialised Medical Care
  • Mental Health Act
  • Act on the Status and Rights of Patients
  • Act on Healthcare Professionals
  • Act on Medical Devices
  • Social Care Act
  • Act on the Status and Rights of Social Care Customers

Some of these Acts may be available in English in Finlex.

Valvira's strategy statement


  • We will identify and anticipate risks and deficiencies in national health and welfare and related services and will target our activities accordingly.
  • We will defend the rights of those unable to defend themselves.
  • We will harmonise the supervision of healthcare and social services and related guidance activities to ensure a seamless system across Finland.
  • We will offer guidance to service providers to enable them to undertake more effective self-supervision.
  • We will take an active role in European and international co-operation.
  • Our work is based on continual quality evaluation.

Guidance of Regional State Administrative Agencies and local authorities

Valvira guides the six Regional State Administrative Agencies and local authorities in the areas of health and social care, alcohol administration and environmental health, including tobacco. Our aim is to foster similar guidance, licensing and supervision practices on every regional and local level.

Valvira and the Regional State Administrative Agencies carry out their supervisory duties on the basis of jointly agreed supervision programmes.

National Committee on Medical Research Ethics

Under the auspices of Valvira operates the National Committee on Medical Research Ethics, TUKIJA. This committee of experts provides training and gives advise to regional ethics committees on ethical principle in medical research. If not under the responsibility of a regional committee, the committee issues opinions on ethics of a clinical drug trial set to be held in Finland. TUKIJA also handles resubmitted proposals previously rejected by regional committees.

TUKIJA website


For more info about Valvira, contact:

Information Officer Ms.Tarja Tamminen, tel. +358 9 7729 2185, email: firstname.lastname@valvira.fi.
Information Officer Ms. Eija Iivari, tel. +358 9 7729 2142
Information Assistant, Ms. Soili Heinonen, tel. +358 9 7729 2116