Fees and Delivery

This information concerns all applicants.

Processing time

  • For applicants who were trained in the EU/EEA area, legal maximum time is four months starting when all the required documents have arrived at Valvira. Note: If we need to ask for missing documents, the process may take longer.
  • For applicants who were trainded outside the EU/EEA area, processing may take longer if, for example, the documents need to be sent to a Finnish institute of education for evalution of qualification.

Decision fees

  • All decisions will be given in Finnish or Swedish
  • Even rejected applications will be charged
  • Below fees are valid until the end of December 2015

All applicants

Decision fee on licensing (qualification in an EU/EEA country)

EUR 400

Decision fee on licensing (Nordic Agreement)

EUR 400

Decision fee on licensing (qualification outside the EU/EEA area)

EUR 700

Conditional decision with specific compensation measures

EUR 400

Decision after completion of specific compensation measures

EUR 150

Evaluation of your education done by a Finnish institute of education

EUR 200-600

First limited authorisation to practice

EUR 700

Continuation to the limited authorisation

EUR 350

Full licence after limited authorisation

EUR 350

For further information about the decision fees, please e-mail Valvira at terhikki@valvira.fi



  • If you are living in Finland, we will send you the decision using cash on delivery (COD) option (postiennakko in Finnish). That means you need to pay the decision fee in full to the mail carrier when you receive the decision. The Finland Postal Service will then forward the payment to Valvira.
  • If you are living outside of Finland, we will mail or email you instructions on how to pay the fee.
  • If you wish to pay for the decision in a currency other than the Euro, you will be responsible for all international transfer and currency exchange costs. Once you have made the payment in full, you need to send the receipt to Valvira and we will then post the licensing decision to you.